Bundle Up Your Tent

In acts 7 v 45- ” When our people went into this new land, they took with them this same Tent they had received from their ancestors.”

Our gender is our tent, wherever we travel, whoever we are, we are called to pick up our passion, use the gifts and talents we have, bundle up our tent and travel. As we move into the new building. As scary yet amazing that is, we are called to greatness. To travel out of the old and into the new purpose of God whatever shape that takes, but funnily enough we still carry the fact we are girls. We love girls. We have a passion for girls. Therefore we use that passion for the kingdom of God.

Malala yousafzai says (If you don’t know who that is look her up she’s incredible) – “I raise my voice not so that I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard”

I like to be heard, but more importantly I like to be understood. I love to be blessed by opportunities but more than that I love to see opportunities being given away to others. I love people who have it all together but more than that I love people who are not afraid to be vulnerable and broken.

All around the world people are unheard, misunderstood, have desolate opportunities and are completely broken. We carry the gift that bounds their wounds together and sets their feet on a solid rock. Lets not keep that to ourselves.

I crave to see our city changed. I long to see every heart come to the saviour. I love to see drive in the eyes of everyone for the plans of Jesus but more than all of this I am consumed by the fact if I don’t play my role, who else will.

As you pick up your tent today, please let us create a way for you to abundantly bless people (through Jesus) by using it. We long to see you flourish.

All my love x


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