God Invites Everyone to the Party

Acts 7 v 14-  Then Joseph sent and called his father Jacob and all his relatives to him, seventy-five people.

When you Know God is on your side, no one can stop you. No one can end the feeling of hope and joy in your heart. When forgiveness floods your life and you see the miracles all around you- no one can stop you forgiving others. God wants you to invite everyone into your heart. He wants you to love,  and look at the world through his eyes, to still see people’s sin and all there misfortunes, but choose to love them because he loves you.

“Jacobs sons became jealous of Joseph and sold him to be a slave in Egypt. But God was with him 10 and saved him from all his troubles. The king of Egypt liked Joseph and respected him because of the wisdom God gave him. The king made him governor of Egypt and put him in charge of all the people in his palace.

Joseph whom was cast out of his land, by his own family. stepped on, unloved, made a liar. Then our God unfolded his plan and delivered him to his purpose.

For Generations promises had been declared over the lives of Abraham descendants:  17 “The promise God made to Abraham was soon to come true, and the number of people in Egypt grew large.

It came to pass.

God looked at Judas and saw a “friend”

Matthew 26 v 50 Jesus answered, “Friend, do what you came to do.”

Then the people came and grabbed Jesus and arrested him

Little did Judas know that this action of hatred and greed contributed to the world being saved.

Whatever purpose God has spoke into your heart, hold on to it, and if you can’t hear him right now ask him to speak a little louder, and he will.

Stick close to him, your situation is nothing to God, he is victorious, he has defeated the greatest evil in the world, He has got you, He has got this,

All my love x



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