To Drink Or Not To Drink

Proverbs 31v 4-7

4“Kings should not drink wine, Lemuel,
    and rulers should not desire beer.
If they drink, they might forget the law
    and keep the needy from getting their rights.
Give beer to people who are dying
    and wine to those who are sad.
Let them drink and forget their need
    and remember their misery no more.

I am a firm believer in not leaving out any part of the bible, or skipping over, therefore that leads us to this verse. So basically king Lemuel was given this passage as a light to follow in order to be a good king. We as children of the king are called to royalty therefore these words are also for us. Easy right.Well not exactly in a world full of sin it is easy to loose sight of the prize and ‘mess up’, but that’s OK, because God still loves us yet out of our love for him we try to do what is right. We are called to be an example to lead people in the ways of the lord. To me it is not the actual action of drinking alcohol when you are under aged- it is the results. The what happens afterwards bit, that people never want to talk about. The part of your life that makes you need it. If we are leaning on God that should be enough. We shouldn’t need to find happiness at the bottom of a bottle or inside a tablet. God heals, and the spiritually dead/ They need encouraged not wine. They need to know how loved and understood they are. They need to know that they can come as they are. Each person has their own personal views on the matter, but please consult God before you make your decision.

All my love x


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