Pressure Makes Diamonds

“It is hard to find a good wife,
    because she is worth more than rubies.” – Proverbs 31 v 10

I would totally find it silly to talk about being a good wife as I am neither of those words but I totally feel cool to talk about gem stones. Who doesn’t love a good ruby right? Three aspects before you buy a gorgeous stone are: firstly the pressure needed to make it, the eyes to source it and lastly the means to pay for it. Before you were born there was a plan. This magical plan called you. Dreamed up in the divine, sought after and created by the one true architect. Set a part to fit a piece of the puzzle. God made you to fit. He didn’t make you and then go oh no, now I have to change my plans for the world. Nope! At the cross our Jesus bore the pressure of our shame and sin. Could you think of that weight? We all know the all- surrounding guilt that builds up around us when we sin, Imagine that timed billions. The whole earth was literally on his shoulders. To make us white as snow, as precious as rubies, Jesus had to pay. He paid in blood. In pain. He choose too, he wanted to because he loved us so dearly. How overwhelming is that!

So what now… we are white as snow and precious as rubies as we are brand new in Christ. Brand new. If you’ve asked God to forgive you this week, you are no longer bonded by what happened this week. Nothing can bond the followers of Jesus. Acts is a book continually filled with courage and freedom. Paul always returned to the house of the Lord for he knew were his priority should have been. God broke every shackle and opened every cell door. For nothing can ever hold back the children of God.

Believe it because the truth will set you free. It is finished, I am free. You darling are more precious than anything. For you are a life won for the kingdom of the father. You are greater than bondage, bigger than fear and stronger than hopelessness.

All my love x


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