Trustworthy Terrain

Proverbs 31 v 11- 12

11 Her husband trusts her completely.
    With her, he has everything he needs.
12 She does him good and not harm
    for as long as she lives.

Trust is messy. Life is messy. Even sometimes when we love people we hurt them. My greatest example in my life is God. I daily am not thankful&hurt him by my actions, thoughts and words, yet I truly do love him. We are not perfect, sometimes people say that as an excuse but today I put it to you as the truth. God doesn’t call us to be perfect he calls us to be exactly who he created us to be. Even if that is a mess. The truth is we don’t have to change for God yet out of love we should naturally see our lives begin to be shaped into what he wants for us. Do you trust him? Do you need to ask him to take you to a deeper level of trust today, I guarantee he would grant that request. Start this year on the right step with God, believe in more miracles in 2015, believe in the greater depth and understanding he wants to take you to and have hope in the promises he has promised but not yet granted. Who do you do harm to? Maybe it is time you send someone a  text to say your sorry. That could go a long way in repairing a broken relationship. Unity comes first, God blesses unity. He is overjoyed when his children become one in order to share his glory and love. Who have you lost your trust to, maybe you could forgive them today. It is possible, God made everything possible when he died on the cross and he can set you free from the bondages of anger. If you let him. Let him in… allow him to move in mighty ways and remove your chains. In your heart you want to, everyone wants to be better than the person they were yesterday and that can only happen when God floods your life. Be a trustworthy person today and if you fail, come back to God, he will make you strong enough to face the terrain you walk.

The Lord God is my strength.
    He makes me like a deer that does not stumble
    so I can walk on the steep mountains.

-Habakkuk 3 v 19

All my love x


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