Move Mountains

Proverbs 31 v 13

13 She looks for wool and flax
    and likes to work with her hands.

Sometimes it is so easy to overlook verses in the bible. To put them to one side and not understand what they truly mean. That is what I did with this verse, well almost. In biblical time wool and flax were needed. They were as precious as diamonds. In this verse the woman is searching for wool and flax, for what she needs, she doesn’t desire silly things she looks for precious materials which will sustain her and her family. She works with her hands, she is hard-working. She doesn’t pass the work on to her servant girls, she does it herself. We can be like that, we can pass the job around until someone eventually decides to do it, we can say they are much more talented or ‘anointed’. Which to be honest is complete rubbish. God doesn’t call the qualified he qualifies the called. He looks at you and sees what you can do, he wants you to work with your hands, pick up what he has given you and get going. NO MORE LAZINESS. God has blessed you with talents and gifts but it is your Job to use them. You are capable of so much more, if 2015 doesn’t scare you, your dreams aren’t big enough. I’m terrified. For years its been comfortable, I know what’s coming next, but this year everything is diffrent and that is the sweetest thing of all. For it means I am capable of so much more in 2015 and you are too! Use your talents and you will move mountains. I believe in you, God believes in you, please believe in yourself.

All my love x


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