Proverbs 31 v 16-18

16 She inspects a field and buys it.
    With money she earned, she plants a vineyard.
17 She does her work with energy,
    and her arms are strong.
18 She knows that what she makes is good.
    Her lamp burns late into the night.

My candle burns at both ends it will not last the night but oh my foe and oh my friends it gives a lovely light- Roald Dahl. I can remember as a little girl reciting this to myself, not really knowing what it meant and still to this day if I’m honest I don’t. I’m a true believer in working hard and then working even harder. If you light a flame at both ends it produces a greater light in the middle. This is what we are called to be as girls whom love God we are called to be ignited by passion. Sometimes our lights go out and that is ok, as long as we spend time re-lighting it again. For we are called to do our work with energy. Yet to do something with energy we need to rest. To rest in Gods purpose and love, never tame the chaos that goes on inside of you, for it is your passion. The thing you wake up and go to sleep for. Ask God what your calling should be today, and strive after it with everything you’ve got.

All my love x


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