Honour and Praise

Proverbs 31 v 31

Give her the reward she has earned;
    she should be praised in public for what she has done.

So as we close this study to an end, we finish with this verse. Lets not lie, we all want rewarded, you feel good about yourself when you get a pat on the back and told well done. This was no different in biblical times. In Esther one of our main characters is called Haman. Haman was promoted, he was an evil man, who didn’t really do very much for the king yet came from an affluent family. Mordecai a Jew, who saved the kings life got no form of recognition. He stood outside the kings gates, yet no one knew who he was. Yet Mordecai warned Esther of Hamans plan to kill the Jews and as a result through Esther’s courage the Jews were saved. You see Hamans promotion brought out the worst in him, but it brought out the best in Mordecai. Albert Einstein once said “Try not to become a [woman] of success but a [woman] of value”. Character is worth more than reputation, character is who you are, and it is tested by what you do for those who can do nothing for you. God has amazing character. He treats us like royalty even though there is nothing we could ever, ever give him. He loves us through and through, inside and upside down. From the bottom of our toes to the top of our head. Isn’t that amazing! Who in your life should be praised? who should be told that they are altogether a piece of gold? honour them today, it doesn’t have to be something big, send them a text, tell them you love them. It might just change their entire day.

All my love x


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