Sometimes when we get our heart broken, we become hard and encase ourselves in a world of pain. Yet other times we allow ourselves to grow through it, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open about our situation. Your choice in these situations- in my opinion have a lot to do with the people we surround ourselves with. In my life when I surround myself with Christians, who truly love the lord I grow through my pain, because I am continually encouraged to keep striving and running after the plans he has for me, yet when I surround myself with some people there pessimistic outlook on life dwindles the light in my heart and allows me to become hard and cold. Journeying with people is the most precious gift God gives us yet a vicious weapon that Satan can use against us. In acts we read of Paul who was preaching and getting very little encouragement. He became drained and for some reason no one was able to rekindle his light. God used this period of time to grow Paul, he moved into a house with many Christians and did life with life-giving, God filled people. When the time was right God whispered something into his heart, a promise.

During the night, the Lord told Paul in a vision: “Don’t be afraid. Continue talking to people and don’t be quiet. 10 I am with you, and no one will hurt you because many of my people are in this city.” 11 Paul stayed there for a year and a half, teaching God’s word to the people.

Fear is gripping. Fear is real. It can make you huddle up inside and never leave the comfortability of where you are. Yet on the outside of the limits, your story is limitless! When Paul understood, listened and took to heart what God had told him, his perspective changed. He stayed. He was able to wake up and face each day with a new hope.

21 But I have hope
    when I think of this:

22 The Lord’s love never ends;
    his mercies never stop.
23 They are new every morning;
    Lord, your loyalty is great.
24 I say to myself, “The Lord is mine,
    so I hope in him.”

-Lamentations 3 v 21-24

His love never ends. Ever. It is nothing to do with what you do for him but all to do with what he has done for you. He is always fresh, ever present, carrying you through anything that comes your way. Believe it.

All my Love x


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