Stars Always Shine

“When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved.” – Acts 27 v 20

Ok, so back story time. Paul is on trial and God tells him to go see Caeser, basically the head hauncho of Rome. So he is a prisoner on a ship, he tells the captain it is not right to sail in this weather but they are all so scared, so they jump on the boat and away they head. Until a storm hits. Boom… Sometimes we get into sticky situations not out of our own choice but out of the choice of others. We stomp our feet and say it’s not fair because sure it isn’t us that got ourselves into this situation. Yet God always uses it. He goes chill out darling, I got you, I got this. He strokes your head or tickles your back or whatever your weird little calm me down thing is and sets you straight. He puts you on the right path and goes walk. Just do it. Then we turn around to our little world and see no sun and no stars. On your darkest day there wasn’t even a star to be seen. The storm raged and crashed your little boat to smithereens and you lost all hope of anything ever being ok again. Yet in the midst God was in it. He holds the entire universe in his hands. He took you in, cleansed you and set you apart. He hung the stars so that even when they are hard to see, they are always there. Just like the world maybe you polluted your sky a little to much, which turned them dim, but non the less they are there. Shining just for you,

All my love x


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