As I was on pinterst this morning you know as you do, I discovered when I type in Christian girl all that floods my feed is about guys, how to know he is not the perfect guy for you, If his heart isn’t Gods first it shouldn’t be mine and all this stuff. Is that what being a Christian girl is about? Boys? because if it is I totally didn’t get the memo. Do we need guys, is it the be all and end all of life, I personally don’t believe so. My heart is first and foremost Gods. It belongs to God, it has a piece of God, It is where God dwells within me. To seek love and acceptance in him is the greatest gift I could ever have been given, for he loves me wholly he has no list of what he wants in me, He just wants me, simply me. Relationships are messy, kissy ones or friend ones, both a like. Instead of asking what they can do for you why don’t we concentrate on what we could be for them. The power we hold to make someone’s life better, instead of only bettering our own. Relationships are cools lets not lie  but when we put our relationship before God, we fall out of everything- sometimes… we can loose Joy, acceptance, love and strive after everything the world says we need. Waiting hard, for anything- any breakthrough that you feel you need, but God knows what you need and when you need it, he supplies every need- And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.– Philippians 4 v 19  watch the blessings in your life, see the people God has placed in front of you and thank him for that, because then your perspective will change and you could forget about that one person you really ‘need’. *Que feminist speech* We don’t need guys, yes God called us into community with people, two strands are greater than one, but when we learn to rely wholly on God everything fits in like a little jigsaw puzzle. Love comes naturally, peace, joy and acceptance flow out of us, It is just simply natural… You are beautiful, strong and capable even all on your own in human terms, never forget that.


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