Soaking in God

Hey my lovelies!

We are going to try something new! Its the beginning of March and we might as well start a fresh again! This month we are going to do a soak devotional. Soaking is good. Real good, it allows you the space to open your heart to God and allows him to speak into it! Sometimes we don’t think God speaks to us but that’s because we don’t allow him to. We block him out with snapchat and doing our make up.  I long for you to enjoy spending time with your daddy and this is why I believe soak is for us! Every other day a new passage will be uploaded to this blog, which allows you to read a long and follow the soak pattern. Grab a notebook to write your favourite notes and scriptures in. You never know some day it might just be the revelation to lift you out of that muddy puddle that life brings.

So what is soaking?

S- scripture (this will be provided every other day #tick)

O – Observation (how does this passage make you feel, what do you think God is saying through it)

A- Application (how are you going to apply this to your life, ideas will be give but feel free to make up your own)

K – Know him ( prayer, meditation, talk to your father, don’t worry I already think your crazy, why not talk to yourself?)

Some ‘soaking’ tips :

  • Relax, find a quiet place to start. Put your phone on silent and throw it across the room, do it now, NOW! (If its an iphone don’t throw, we don’t want that bad boy breaking but if its a Nokia go right ahead!)
  • I guarantee it will be awkward to start, you silly people being awkward with yourself!
  • Find a time when you have 15 minutes to allow yourself to take your time.
  • Chill your only talking to your daddy.

Lets do this! All my Love.


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