Holy Tent

every skilled person will do the work the Lord has commanded, because he gave them the wisdom and understanding to do all the skilled work needed to build the Holy Tent.” – Exodus 36 v 1

Whether you walk into your life today with hope, or with darkness, kindness or evil. There is one truth that prevails God loves you. He has placed you, given you the wisdom and understanding to do Gods work. You are skilled in your field whether it be through experience or ability it doesn’t matter because God has placed you to build the holy tent wherever and within whoever you come into contact with today. The day may be stormy but the lord has placed a rainbow over your head, filled with promises, purpose, strength and powerful courage. We are the skilled workers and the holy tent is Gods kingdom. You may feel so unequipped but know that God has commanded (not just whispered, called or said he has commanded) you because he has given you wisdom understanding and skill. You were created to build Gods kingdom wherever you go. Rest in him today. Pray to him and he will give you the strength of a one thousand men army.

I have no one in heaven but you; I want nothing on earth besides you. – psalm 73 v 25

All my love xo


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