Give Up

Beautiful girl,

you are not God. You never will be, you never can be. You have no idea what crazy adventure is in store for you, the miracles, the love, the hope. Admit your limitations for I hold you dear, hand over your life, give it to me, for my yoke is light. I will sustain you, I will carry you through the deepest valley and uplift you on the steepest mountain. Give up your rights surrender to me, for you are called to battle and the victory is already mine. Do not worry for I your daddy have already won. I have made you, I know you each fibre of your body. I created you, I dreamed you up and set you apart, run to me for in me you will find yourself. For you are made in the image of me. You may not know where I take you, but I do. I know when the stars shine, when the sun beams. I know when the birds wake and even when you eat. I know your favourite colour and the deep secrets of your soul, for that is where I dwell. In among the cobwebs and sorrows, that is where I long to make my home.

Love your daddy.


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