When Moses went into the Meeting Tent to speak with the Lord, he heard the Lord speaking to him. The voice was coming from between the two gold creatures with wings that were above the lid of the Ark of the Agreement. In this way the Lord spoke with him.

 -Numbers 7 v 89

 In all seriousness, how many times have you just had a casual conversation with God? How many times have you felt so close to him that you just start talking to him. For me, it should be a lot more. God is present and working in us even when we don’t feel it. God is more than a feeling. He’s a father, lover, peace leaver, joy giver, life refresher. Jesus starts at the bottom. In community with us, even when he could start at the top with his Father. He chooses to start in the pit of disaster and brokenness. For 14,600 days Moses waited. Asking is it nearly time to go to the promise land? Like a little child annoying his daddy he constantly asked God, are we here yet? But God kept saying not yet. However in the wilderness Moses lived in Gods presence. I love that. I long to get to a place where I can just speak to the Lord and I simply hear a voice from the lord. Constantly in everything I do. God loves you. All of you.

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