In Moses time, females got nothing. Its like when you go to the dinner que after the boys and there is only one baked potato and a few chips. The females got whatever their husbands and fathers gave to them. In the story of zelophehad he had four daughters, Malah (the sick one), Noah (the comfortable one), Hoglah (the loud, loved one) and Tirzah (the pleasing one). It doesn’t tell me this but I guess all of these girls were pretty ordinary, just chilling in the desert waiting on their perfect prince. Until their father dies and they are left with nothing.

Then these woman did something very brave they asked for their father’s inheritance. They had no right to do this (at this time in history) after all they are just woman. But the Lord had different plans  “The daughters of Zelophehad are right; they should certainly get what their father owned. Give them property among their father’s relatives.” – Numbers 27v7

What can we learn?

  • We are entitled to more than the world says we are. God has so much to give you, ask. It really is that simple.
  • Courage changes our situation. If these girls didn’t have courage they wouldn’t have asked and probably would never have received their inheritance.
  • When we ask of anything from God, the people around us are blessed. The inheritance was given among their fathers relatives not just to them.
  • The lord is fair and just, in a world that most of the time isn’t, its beautiful to know that he loves us, cares for us and supply’s our every need.
  • God doesn’t care what the world says. He cares what he says. These woman were ordinary, weak and yet God blessed them.

He longs to give you earthly inheritance, but something so much greater eternal inheritance and a crazy adventure filled with him. Pick up the baton and run with him today, I promise you will never look back.

All my love xo


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