The cheerleader, ok so in some theologian book you may not see the word cheerleader to describe the almighty God but he is my daddy so I’m going to use cheerleader. God is the one who lifts us out of our pit and says “look, I believe in you, and you better freaking believe in yourself too”. He is a comforter and a lover and an incredible father but I believe sometimes god is a little more honest and brash with his children. In Joshua 2 we read the story of Rahab. Now Rahab was the a person who most would never believe could be called a child of God. In today society she globally would still be a hooker but what about the teenage girl who wears “no church clothes” so we can’t welcome her into our bubble society. I know with all my heart God would welcome her in with open arms, look t the prodigal son for instance but anyway that’s a different story. So we are set at the end of numbers where Moses dies and God commands Joshua son of nun to be strong and brave and to lead Gods chosen people into the promise land. First of all there is no evidence of Joshua performing any miracles compared with Moses. How did the Israelites know they could trust this guy. God showed up and made everything happen according to his will just as he always does but Moses didn’t know this. Moses had to trust. Which he did so well. Moses is deemed a greta man of God at the end of his life even though he denied and failed in some areas. Nothing is ever a fail to God he uses everything for his glory. Joshua was a normal guy with an incredible story set before him. God gave him a mammoth responsibility of ministering and loving the people of Israel. God revealed himself to Rahab a non Israelite in order to save her family and show his glory through his mighty works. He is the ultimate cheerleader fighting for who the world deems the least. Fighting for you everyday becuase the victory is already his.


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