Take A Break

We live in a self obsessed world. Harsh I know & I myself am just as bad. Trying not to put yourself first is hard. Its a natural instinct to look to yourself above all; but what does this mean when you are a Christian. Even If you aren’t & you are a friend, collage or mum. How do you do what you know Is right against what the media says is right. Its a discipline, just like eating healthy or being positive. It takes effort and sometimes we muster all the strength we have just to get out of bed we never really know how to do the best. The incredible thing about God is that he doesn’t even require our best to love us. He doesn’t even need our permission or respect to rescue us he just does because that is who he is. For the last few days camping has been my life. Pitching a tent, longing for the wifi spots & eating cereal out of a mug. It’ been fabulous. You see sometimes we need that recharge time. That time to stop. So that we can just love on our people. Sometimes we don’t get that, sometimes we have to force it. In fact in my life I have to purposely discipline myself to spend time doing absolutely nothing and from a person who always multi tasks its hard. I mean there is always work to be done, even if it is enjoyable just like writing a blog post. But you see God calls us to rest. I love how in the story of creation it doesn’t say on the Sabbath you must read your bible or on the Sabbath you must devote your day to God. Yes that’s an incredible discipline but that is not what the Sabbath is about the Sabbath is about rest and because we find our rest in him, It’s our time to just do that. Read, love and soak in all that he has for us. So in my opinion there is no quick remedy to loving more and not getting burnt out. Even now you might be thinking I’ll just flick onto another post someone else will have a five point answer to my questions of how to love better and care a little more. I tell you the truth I would do the same but after this last two days I can truly say resting, sleeping, reading, spending time with the people you love& him. That is the only way to fall in love with people more and as a result put them first.

An incredible friend of mine once posted this “When the source of my joy is a constantly flowing spring that never runs out, the only time I am dry is when I refuse to drink. Even so, the spring continues flowing and God remains faithful.”

lots of love x



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