Exodus 27

“Make an altar of acacia wood, four and one-half feet high. It should be square—seven and one-half feet long and seven and one-half feet wide. Make each of the four corners of the altar stick out like a horn, in such a way that the corners with their horns are all one piece. Then cover the whole altar with bronze.

Sometimes I like to imagine that everything symbolises something else. For instance the horns in this passage could represent God reaching out to us. That although he was not on earth yet or in the form of a man he still wanted to reach out to his children.

Make the altar out of boards and leave the inside hollow. Make it as you were shown on the mountain.

Just like the boards that the alter was made of we are left hollow in order for the presence of God to come and be inside us for us and upon us for the world. If we are solid inside with hearts of stone and built up walls then our daddy will come and crash them down but if we are hollow, if we just invite him in and take a baby step towards him he will fill us up and overflow our lives with every good gift.

“Make a wall of curtains to form a courtyard around the Holy Tent. The south side should have a wall of fine linen curtains one hundred fifty feet long.

God dwells inside the place of the believers. He loves to be with us to spend time with us to cherish us and love us but he also wants to be his self to the unbelivers. He wants to call the prodigal sons and daughter home. Into a life of relationship and fufillment. How wonderful is that!

16 “The entry to the courtyard is to be a curtain thirty feet wide, made of fine linen with blue, purple, and red thread. Someone who can sew well is to sew designs on it. It is to be held up by four posts on four bases.

God calls us to use our gifts and talents inorder to bless others. In order to be part of making the kingdom beautiful in every way. He asks us to contribute with what we can do not what we can’t.

Acacia wood is used all over this passage. It is a type of wood that sometimes can be thorny or sometimes can be smooth but God uses it both the same. He covers it in his glory (bronze) and lets it play its part in the kingdom story. We are exactley the same as this wood, some of us are mangled and a bit tore up, maybe your a little thony. Either way God lavishes his glory on you& makes you a new creation when you accept him in. Isn’t this life just a beautiful thing.

All my love xo


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