Messy mind, Messy heart.

Being a chrisitans hard. Even knowing sometimes what that word means is hard. For a minute I’m just not going to think. I’m just going to stare really hard at the screen and write. Write my heart and all the muddy words inside it. Doing thats dangerous and I think thats why I love it so much. Writing when your minds messy and your heart is un clear is one of the most freeing, honest experiences ever. LIfe changes; as do people. Does love? Can your love for someone not fade, can it change like energy forms. I would love to be an energy form to be able to change and not explain to anyone why or how. Just to do it. But back to love. Do you ever really love someone if you fall out of love with someone or do you just build up walls in order not to fall apart. Do you love or do you trust. Are they both the same thing or are they completely diffrent. What is love. What is being a christian. All these big questions that only I can awnser for myself and you too. I’m just a messy girl trying to find her way.  Oh daddy please awnser me. Sometimes I fell like God just gives us a path and allows us to choose if we turn left or right and he uses it. I’m begginning to believe there is not just one right person or one right place to go or one right turn. There are just people, places and turns and wherever you end up, God just turns up and meets you there.


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