A builder is more valuable than a building anyday- Hebrews 3 v 1-6 MSG

One day a young man came across a lost shell. He collected the shells and decided that he would build a sand castle. He reministed of his childhood and the joy those little sandcastles used to bring to him. Hours he spent building buildings, making moats and decorating the buildings with countless shells. As day turned into dusk the man sat down at the beach admiring all he had created. A little girl came a long and looked at the miraculous buildings. She ran to the sea and brought buckets of water to create the moat yet all she wanted to do was destroy the beautiful sandcastles. Even though she didn’t know it. She wanted to change the shape of a few, add extra shells and create a whole diffrent world. As soon as the man left she jumped on the sandcastles and broke every shell in sight. She destroyed the sand castle empire. She looked at what she had done and discovered what she tried to make was not as incredible as she ever thought. That acutally the man had designed something greater. Later the next day the man came and rebuilt all that he had made the day before yet the same thing happened that night again. The little girl wrecked his beautiful world. Finally the man came a long and caught the girl and asked her why she would do such a thing. She replied you don’t own this beach, I can do what I want. The man forgave the girl and went on his way. Every year he builds a sandcastle on the same beach and every year the little girl destroys them but still eh comes back.

Just like the Man God came into our lives and built a sandcastle on the beach. He created water that could run in the moat and created beautiful things for us to enjoy. Just like that little girl we destroy his home everyday looking for ways to make it ours and make our lives full of power and meaning.Thinking we know best. Like the man God comes and he rebuilds. He loves and he shapes. He hopes endlessly and loves unswervingly. Just for us.


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