The life of a Jesus follower has eternal consequences. I know this this crazy, powerful, incredible adventure is the best thing I have ever signed up for in my entire life but I know it has implications. Yes sometimes my friends look at me differently. Yes sometimes comments are made. But I am happy. Everyone in today’s society wants to be happy. They look for things to fill the void and they fill it without even realising. They stumble across a line in a magazine, a sport or even a celebrity that makes them feel special for a while but if they honestly admit it they are falling a part at the seams. There’s three types of people. But I only want to talk about one today..

The culture consumer.

These are Christians who love the bible and love God when it suits them. They don’t do daily devotional but they love to post photos of their bibles and latest mission trips. They talk like this “I done something really bad yesterday, I feel so guilty” “oh yeah God forgives me. I’m all good”. Yes 100% never doubt the unfailing grace of our father but if you use that as an excuse to remain the same you are not a true follower of God. He loves us way too much to let us remain the same. He loves us to much to let us do things that hurt us. He loves us way to much to go easy on us and let us live a life that is not filled with everything he has for us. He loves & forgives endlessly. But he refuses to leave us the same as the first time we ever met him heart to heart. I myself am guilty of this. I love God and sometimes I try so hard to fit into the ” Christian culture” I forget the culture is so broad everyone fits. In even trying to follow Jesus I am being a consumer. I am saying I must do& I must be. When the actual truth is if I just be. If I just be me he comes and does the rest. He saved me. Because he delighted in me. Isn’t that just a wonderful thought.

1 Samuel 22 V 6-20 talks about ahimelechs family. David knew that although things looked bleak although due to ahimelechs family’s unrelenting faith and therefore death. God was their protection. Now and forever. Till the end of time.

People can’t save you. Only Jesus can. He has already planned your rescue even before you want it. He is love.

All my love x


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