Isaiah 1

In the opening of the passage v1, God is speaking. He’s always speaking. It’s just whether we listen or not. He wants to be in community with us but we have been left the choice.


Isaiah mentions how God helps us grow. He nurtures the seeds he plants. He gives us the right ingredients to live fruitful lives but just like a plant if we don’t absorb the water we can never be nurtured and grow.

V11-14 is very like Isaiah 58. Were God claims he doesn’t want our sacrifices he wants true offerings of what we have. He wants our hearts, our lives, our everything.

Just when I think I’ve gave it all, God comes and asks for more.
– kim walker Smith

He comes knocking at the doors of our hearts and say I know there is more in you. I created you. I know how you work. Just let me do what I do. But we still think we know best. We still go around trying to honour God but trying to honour ourselves. I’m the worst at this! I try to honour God with all my heart but there are still little pieces of me that want to naw at the heart of what Jesus has put inside me.

I think the most important step in this is realising it & experiencing the power of God breaking through it. Sometimes I have moments were I feel completely worthless & I am not saying for one second that’s good. But when i do I completely abandon my heart to God and realise that I truly am a sinner saved by grace. His love floods my life which makes me whole. It’s as simple as that.

The final part of the passage verse 18-30 is a beautiful love story of my graceful father.


A story of redemption and love. The perfect story.

All my love x


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