Isaiah 9

The future of our land may look bleak by worldly terms. People may seem lost, lives broken and turning away from everything we know to be true but God says a new day is coming my darling children. “The future of those lands will be made great”. As we walk into our day today lay it all down and let him do what he wants to do. Our God is a God who lavishes love who says we ” lived in a dark land but a light has shone on [us]” we are new. Look how it says lived. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to change the world we forget to look up& out. To look out to the world and see that all they really want is to live in the light. When he fills us he sends us out. Out to better things. Out to promises and missions that are greater than we could ever imagine. The small things are part of you’re mission. School is part of you’re mission. You can’t be a doctor missionary if you don’t work at school. You cant coach children football if you cant play. You cant bring Gods word if you don’t know it. Work hard but rest in knowing what God has for you will never pass you. But we do gave to play our part. Our God has a “strong love for his people”. He longs for us just to turn forward and see him instead of always looking back wondering where he’s gone. He is cheering you on. He is responsible for leading people. Not you. You are responsible for living and maybe leading in some capacity but not to instruct the entire orchestra maybe just the fluted. All our leadership capabilities come from the father. The ” wonderful counsellor, powerful God, prince of peace and father who lives for ever”. Power and peace will be in his kingdom and all we get to do is bring it. Bring him. Facilitate him in every way. He will make our city strong. Because of his everlasting love for us.


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