Misery or Miracles

Jesus in his misery still put others first.

John was murdered. His head was out on a plate and his body was now in the grave. He had been killed because of a woman and Herod thought that he was the risen Jesus.

Jesus went to be alone. As most would if you’re best friend just got murdered because of you… But still a crowd followed him.

This is one if the only times in the bible Jesus went to be alone so why did these people follow? Because Jesus has healing in his wings.

They followed because they knee their past was no shame to the risen God they new that if they only stood in his shadow healing could and would come about. They followed because they had faith.

How many times do we ask for things but never actually have the faith to believe it. We think we have faith, we know we love Jesus but do we really have the nitty gritty faith to get down and dirty with our prayers?

Jesus in his misery felt sorry for the people so he healed those who were sick. He is compassionate. How many times does God break you’re heart for someone? Are you numb to the world we live in or are you a being whose heart breaks for everything.

Today have the faith to believe for the people who God has broke you’re heart for. Even in you’re misery have the faith and the compassion to pray anyway.




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