Situations happen. The good the bad and of course the ugly. Now I am no theologian but I don’t believe that a good God wants to cause no harm on any of his children. I don’t believe God sends illness. I believe God uses it for his glory. That he uses every situation for good.

So we are in Bethlehem just chilling. Jesus has been born and everyone’s like wait what’s even going on. The magi (wise men) come and visit Jesus and give him gifts we all know that part. But if you look deeper it says they experience a dream. A dream that tells them to go another route. What can we get from this?

Sometimes we think we are on Gods path. We know he spoke something to us maybe just yesterday or maybe a week ago or longer and we think that’s what God wants. After all that’s what he said. But sometimes he pleads us to take another route. To spend a year out before carrying on, maybe just a day or maybe he wants you to look for alternate routes. If the wise men had went the old route they could have been killed and even worse Herod could have caught wind of where Jesus was and Jesus could have been killed. We know that didn’t happen we know what happened was greater. The wise men went on the other route and I guarantee every where they went they told the people about the Love of God, about the fulfilled prophecy about the baby who was going to and did save the world. Imagine they hadn’t listened to God. The eternal complications. God always fulfills his promises but he invites us to be part of it. God would have saved Jesus some other way. He would have worked it for his glory but because the magi were obedient. God opened the door for them to experience his son on earth. How incredible.

Lots of love x


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