The Charge

And the charge read ” This is Jesus King of the Jews” – Matthew 27 v 37

I never really thought about the charge on Jesus.  How we justified killing him. I just thought Jesus died to fufill a prophesy, to set us free from sin.


If we back track just 3 chapters we have the story of Jesus tearing up the temple. Then we have the parables of the 10 virgins, the bags of gold, the sheep and goats, then the passover, Jesus predicts Peter’s denial then his prayer, the trial & finally his death.

The first thing I get from this is Jesus always prepares us. All the parables before were about our lives and how best to use them before we transcend to be in heaven. Jesus knew a time was coming when he would no longer be here to teach. God always prepares us well. I’m sure the disciples wanted longer. They wanted another word or more clarification. But God knew they were ready and he sent them out every illiterate, poor, denialing one of them. With love and purpose.

The second thing is that God wants us to be in the know. Sometimes we think God keeps massive secrets from us but if we just open the word we see the story of how Jesus made God accessible to us, not more confusing for us! God wants us to know his hearts and his over riding plans for our life. Yes maybe not who we marry or what career path we do. But that we are loved, that we are protected & that for each one of us the calling is the same. To firstly fall in love & secondly to love people and lead them to do the same.

The third thing is that Jesus was accused because of who he said he was. Sometimes people will simply not like you because of who you are. That is the truth. Jesus wasn’t liked by everyone but he still fulfilled the plan over his life. You don’t need to be liked to do something for God. You simply need to be obedient. God knows your heart. He knows where you fall & where you rise. He knows you & he loves you. Listen to him. He always knows what’s best.


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