So Low

You know what I love about Jesus , he’s a God of order. He’s a God of process, a God who yes can heal in an instant but often heals during the process giving us more healing than we could ever have asked for. He’s a God who loves order. Even at Jesus’ death when the curtain was torn he tore it from top to bottom. This humongous, curtain which took 300 priests to hang and was 60 feet long and 30 feet wide could never have been torn by humans. You see this curtain separated us from God. It separated us from entering the holies of holies. When it tore it showed that the almighty God was the only one that could save us. He was the only God who could remove this curtain and connect his people to his incredible power. When God tore the curtain Gods power became accessible to lowly, unforgiving gentiles like me. He made himself a living sacrifice so that I could be free. Stand in awe at the wonders of his love. That he is so high but he would stoop so low because he wanted you&I.


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