Go In Peace

In Luke 7v36 we hear of the story of the sinful woman. There’s this beautiful line that says “your faith has saved you go in peace”.

I read that line and went I want that peace. A sinful woman can have it why don’t I? It’s simple. I take my eyes of Jesus. I’ve been a Christian six years. I 99% of the time do my devotionals, I try my best not to lie, gossip or swear. I will never admit that I have it all together because I’m far from it. But when I read this passage I realise how much I don’t look to him. How I fill my life with other things. How I sit and read my bible but my mind is truly wondering somewhere else. You see its a choice. A choice we have to make everyday. To serve, love and be loved and fix our eyes solely on him.

I want to sit at Jesus feet, to be told ” go in peace”. But you see Jesus calls us to that. He calls us to peace. See my biggest down fall is I like to do and I forget he’s done. He has it finished. Working hard is no big evil as long as its in perspective with the father. I get so caught up in what I’m doing I forget God has called me home. He’s called me to a place of rest. And I simply fix my eyes on him the kingdom of heaven is an open door! *que frozen song*

“Fix your eyes upon Jesus, look full at his wonderful face and all of this world will go strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace”.

God is good. Always.

From one try hard to another, simply give up. You aren’t God. Stop trying.

A letter from a friend.


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