6ft Tree Tiny House

So my mum bought the forest. No like literally. Near our home there is a place you can go were you pick your christmas tree, then you take it home, break a sweat carrying it through the door, waste hours trying to get it too fit in the stand and then your daughter (me) gets to come down and only join in now with the decorations!

Often we idolise. God always brings me back to idols. As much as I try and partner with Jesus to cut the things down, they just pop back up, diffrent or the same. How am I going to link a chritmas tree and idols you ask.. Just like this.

We carry our idols, maybe we don’t go to a farm were they culture idols but the same thing happens theres many a thing in todays world we could pick up as an idol but often its the ones we least expect. Just like my mum we go to the forest pick a tree and take it home, we try for ages to bring it in the door. We break a sweat thinking we couldn’t live without it, we try so hard to stay with it when all God wants is for us to leave it at the door.

We waste hours tryng to get this idol to fit into the life we already have and eventually someone else comes a long and decorates the idol. They put shiny lights on it and go look what this is, look how much more amazing it could be if you just do this and like my mum we keep going, we try to fit in, we try to use our idols and make them something dirffrent than they are. Simply idols.

Whatever stage your at today, just sit with God and allow him to cut down whats wrong and for ted baker sake leave it at the front door.

“So while these nations feared the LORD, they also served their idols; their children likewise and their grandchildren, as their fathers did, so they do to this day.” – 2 kings 17v41

We are more precious than a ruby, more loved than anything and choosen before the world even began. Allow him to speak his truths over you, enjoy this life thing. x


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