Do it afraid. That became my new mantra. It always kind of had been but this time I took it off the self like an old long lost book, dusted it off and carried it everywhere I went. Do it afraid. Do it afraid. That was it. All that was left to say. You see something incredible happens when it’s you and Jesus. Something scary and painful but beautiful when you don’t have a crutch to stand on. A crutch of a person or a thing when it’s you, you’re people and Jesus. And that’s it. I will do it afraid and even if I pee myself I will still do it afraid. This fear is not an overcoming forget about grace and love fear. It’s a simple excitement – the type of fear that wakes you up in the morning expectant of what’s to come. The type of fear that makes you do something. Maybe it’s not truly fear. It’s love. It’s the type of love that gives you butterflies and excitement. The type of love that resembles a little bit of fear because it means vulnerability. The type of love that changes lives. Agape love. The Love that peels off all your onion layers and gets down to the blackest of cores and says I love you still. The type of love that our father has for us. The Love that leaves us breathless and in awe of how truly beautiful this life thing is. The type of love that leaves you with only thank you left to say.


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