My grandma always said “if you’re not going to do it with a greatful heart,  don’t do it at all”. At seven washing her windows and moaning, I had no idea why I should be doing such with a greatful heart.

The offering is one of the most controversial things in the church, some give because they have to give – that 10%, others give because they are part of the church so it is there duty & many other reasons.

God clearly states in his word to give with a greatful heart , to give freely and happily. To want to give. But sometimes like seven year old me washing windows giving is the last thing we think we should be greatful about. I don’t have the pressures of a young family, mortgage to pay or anything else but often I feel like my pocket moneys mine. That I some how earned it and that it doesn’t belong to God. When in reality everything’s Gods and I am keeping what is his from him!

To be truthful I really want that pair of black jeans or denim skirt that my mum will never buy me; so I keep my money. I save and the tree of ungratefulness grows. You see when we let our needs root first above Gods we loose sight of who he has called us to be.

Free from the shackles of ourselves, free from ungreatfulness & to be a friend to those who are in need.

We fix our eyes on what is seen instead of what is unseen and run the race for ‘us’. For our needs, for who we want to be, for how we can use God. Most of the time we don’t even notice because we are so busy.

Giving releases something inside of us that nothing else does. A joy, hope, promise and humbleness that cannot be found anywhere else. So before you throw that cash into the basket, fix your eyes on Jesus let him be the centre of your mind. We won’t always get it right but our God is not a God of shame, he’s a restorative God. Examine your heart daily, we need to in a world that’s so stark from the heart of God.

(Reference 2 Corinthians:9)


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