Forget Me Not

Samuel answered, “Don’t be afraid. It’s true that you did wrong, but don’t turn away from the Lord . Serve the Lord with all your heart. Idols are of no use, so don’t worship them. They can’t help you or save you. They are useless!
1 Samuel 12:20-21 NCV

The story goes, God rescues, the Israelites turn away. God provides, the Israelites ask for a king, God gives them a king.

I have the memory of a plant pot. In my head plant pots don’t remember much therefore that’s me. Often I don’t step out of the selfishness of my own life and think about Gods kingdom as a whole. I look at my life waiting for break through instead of standing with others waiting with them.

So often we forget the miracles God has formed before us. The beautiful things crafted and the generous gifts he has given us without us even knowing it. We forget that we are a blessed people. Blessed to have anything.

We forget that the stuff we have and the money in our pockets isn’t ours. It’s Gods. We were gifted it by a gracious God who is a provider. If you lived your life like your money was Gods what would change in your life? Maybe some of your habits that you know aren’t pleasing to him? maybe your greed for stuff, or your constant consumerism of food that your body truly doesn’t need?

Samuel got the true message. He saw that anything that had a higher place than God was an idol and totally useless. He understood Gods grace and knew His refreshing mercy. My prayer today is that we throw off whatever hinders and run our race daily trying to become more in line with Gods kingdom vision, giving more off His stuff back to Him and trusting him for provision.

He is faithful. Always.


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