Expectations v Questions

The men said to David, “Today is the day the Lord spoke of when he said, ‘I will give your enemy over to you. Do anything you want with him.’ ” Then David crept up to Saul and quietly cut off a corner of Saul’s robe. Later David felt guilty because he had cut off a corner of Saul’s robe. He said to his men, “May the Lord keep me from doing such a thing to my master! Saul is the Lord’ s appointed king. I should not do anything against him, because he is the Lord’ s appointed king!”
1 Samuel 24:4-6 NCV

Do you ask or do you expect? David sought after God. He prayed and waited for a response. Saul expected. He expected what Gods awnser would be and ran with it. He didn’t wait to hear directly from God himself. In a world so busy often i can be like this i know Gods heart (or think i do) and forget to consult him on everything. Saul’s pain continually made him seek David. His judgement was clouded by his hatred.

David escapes. Saul’s expectations are wrong and he is led on a wild goose chase. If he had simply trusted God he could have spent his time doing something much more worthwhile for the kingdom. Sounds like us? Finally Saul goes back home as his land has been riddled with philistines.

Again Saul catches wind of David and full of anger he carried on his search. At this time God speaks to David’s men and says “I’m going to give you Saul. Do what you want with him” (paraphrased. It’s ok I asked Jesus)

Imagine simply being handed your enemy. Being given the one who tried to murder you. Who has forced you away from your family, friends, and comfort of your home. And God gives him to David. He says David here take this man. What would you do? I think I’d be terrified. Would I kill him? Let’s just say I definitely wouldn’t be smart enough to cut off a bit of his cloak! Would I even ask God what to do?

I love God. He grows our faith through refinement to a place of maturity where he let’s us make choices. He says I know you know what you are doing. I trust you to listen to me. I think that, that itself is a miracle. He’s God. And he gives choices to us!!

How do you talk about your leaders? If your pastor, minister , priest, teacher was trying to kill you would you feel remorse for cutting his coat? Would you feel bad about hurting Gods annointed leader. If you trusted God as much as David did I believe our outlook on our leaders would be a whole lot different. We would not say that sly comment, or secretly question their motives. We would honour, encourage and build up. Even when we are torn down. Our God is a God who holds everything in his hands. EVERYTHING. We are simply called to trust, love and follow. Trust, love and follow.


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