Standing in Your Enemies Tent

Who we are is greater than what we do. Everything you do comes out of your heart. Your character. Who you are creates what you do. This Jesus thing is a relationship, and a beautiful one at that. Full of hope, love and simply relationship with our king, father, protector and much more.

Sometimes God calls you into the camp of your enemies. In Samuel 26 we see David going to Saul’s camp and gaining entrance to his tent. David stands in the tent of his enemy – of a man who has came back to kill him.

To me that’s a very frightening place to be. God calls us sometimes to places that we would never go on our own. Daily we are called to be uncomfortable. To feel a little bit afraid. God calls us out of that fear so we can bless people and bring glory to him. But get this – we can’t do it without him. It’s impossible without him! But he goes with us. He is a faithful God. He makes all things in his will possible!

David had the option not to go. He had about 500 men in his leadership that he could have sent. But yet he went. David understood that as a leader he had to go and secondly he wanted to see for himself if Saul was really there. David believed in Gods protection so unswervingly that even when Saul woke up to hearing David he called out “yes it is I”.

So let’s get this straight. David stood, in the camp of a man trying to kill him with one man versuses sauls 300 army and told Saul exactley where he was!

David sounds a bit crazy. Right? David was a man who trusted God beyond belief. He knew the word and kept himself as close in lifestyle to the word as possible. He knew the heart of God.

Today from David we can learn that God often calls us to impossible situations for us to lean on him, for us to fufill his will and for his glory to be seen for making the impossible – possible and the fear-full – unafraid. Our Gods a good God.


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