Raided and Ransacked.

David’s been raided. His home city destroyed and therefore he asked God if he could go and take back what was rightly his. He did. God showed up and every enemy (amelekites) was destroyed. Amelek means lickers or nippers. The people stole and licked there way up to people gaining all that they could. Ziklag was a gift. The town was a gift from the philistines to David. To be ruled by him and for his men. So David was in his own territory which was previously owned by the phillistines. Now the people David and his men had raided once before the amelekites had raided his territory.

You see what was happening was God was giving David territory that didn’t belong to him. Some could argue something that he didn’t deserve. When we underdtand that God the creator and owner of everything can give you what he pleases you start to ask different questions. You stop asking what more can I do, how much harder can I work and start praying God knead my heart to become more like yours. Use me for your service untill the very end. Our God is a generous God. Gracious and faithful to the end of our days.

So often we simply forget the incredible gift life is, grace, forgiveness the joy of having people we call friends and family. Darling your life is of the up most value and so precious, don’t waste it. Give up and give in. Let God mould you from the inside out. And lavish his perfect love and generosity upon you.


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