I am blessed to know a God of provision. A God who is love, who calls us closer before he calls us deeper.

Beginning this journey with going on a team I felt like a whole lot was against me. I felt God calling me closer even though my prideful nature thought I could do it all on my own. Money & travel hindered my view of Gods faithfulness and provision. His abundant blessing and want for me to do what my heart desires when it is in line with his!

God enwrapped me in a circle of people who brought exactley what I needed, he chose them specifically each to teach and bring something different to my team experience.

All that’s to be said is thank you. Thank you to all of you who continue to support me in everything I do. Thank you for the finance, for the blessing that is. Doing this team gave ‘God bless’ a whole new meaning to me.

Excitement is an understatement when I begin to think about going to Romania this summer. I can’t wait to learn, to be challenged physically, mentally and even in my own beliefs – and yes even corrected in my wrong thinking about God and the rest of the world.

Excited to go on an adventure that enables me to connect with other people’s stories, to discover what it’s really like. To understand deep poverty and hopelessness – yet to know a light that cannot be out shone by anything!

Thank you for blessing me. God bless.

When seasons change and stories end your steady love will sustain me through it all. There is a strength that rises up in me to know that you have been here before me a strength beyond what I can see.  -Jesus your love


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