No effort here.

Sometimes I don’t want to dream. I want to sit in the heart and now. I don’t want to strive or grow. I want to sit and lap up the sun, feel the wind in my hair. Enjoy the little things like writing while listening to music without thinking about exams, my life or the future. Without figuring what I want for my life. I love to dream, I love to be better than the day before. It’s my thing. I try harder and harder. Sometimes I don’t want to try. I want to play scales and forget my sharps, dance and forget my split leap, read and forget that this is a growing thing and simply do it for fun. No rules. No pressure. That’s why I refuse to think about tomorrow. Tomorrow can handle itslef. It’s strong enough I don’t need to hold it up. Tomorrow’s tomorrow and today’s today. That’s all I got and all I want.

Peace out.




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