Good Things Will Grow

I stood on the pavement feeling nothing but helpless. Less that two years before I had been the one at the top of the stairs clutching my granddad’s arm.
I didn’t know what to do. Now I knew how my people felt that day.

If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.
Psalm 34:18 MSG

If we were sitting down to coffe I would want you to know that…

I love that out of destruction new flowers grow. To plant you have to disrupt the ground. I think sometimes destruction is a good thing. Although it hurts a lot. It is surely used for our good. It will be used for your good. Out of the pain of your destrution will grow the flowers of another. It is out of this new flower that other people are blessed, that other people come a long side you and whisper truths – when you aren’t strong enough to do it yourself. Always remember community matters.

Sometimes I think we think church is simply all about hearing the word and drinking the coffee but if you really want to know a secret? Church is messy and people slip up. Sometimes you have to give up for a season. And thats totally ok. That’s when community matters most. When you see the people who stand in your corner who fight for you when you have no fight left. I promise you deep down that soon that fight will come back, that winter will turn to summer and all the blessing you have felt you will be free to lavish freely. 

My God is greater than words could ever explain. He will meet you just where you are at. In pain, sorrow, or sin. He whispers it will be ok, I’ve got your back. I promise I will be with you to the very end. I will get you your breath back.

The truths you found in the high places and the truths that have been spoken over you are still and always will be true in the valleys. A community is cheering you on.


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