Hit Refresh

Their weakness was turned to strength. They became strong in battle and put whole armies to flight. Women received their loved ones back again from death.

– Hebrews 11:34-35 NLT

What makes you feel weak? What’s dead in your life?

Weakness sometimes can overshadow all that God wants to do in you, it can leave you feeling isolated, not good enough, not strong enough, and too tired for the day ahead. Of course all of these things feel very real to us when we are going through them – but honestly we know a fountain of strength, a foundation stronger than diamonds, a hope that is everylasting.

Give up your weaknesses and limitations. Stop trying to cover them and make them something that they aren’t. Stop telling people you’re fine, when you’re not. You’re being selfish. Yup. You’re not letting yourself become the full person God wants. Our God is a God of miracles. All you have to do is look at your  own salvation to see it. So why do you choose to settle? Settle for that pain? That problem that you know Jesus could fix if you would only let him at it?

Never get contentment mixed up with settling. For too long I walked around with what I thought was contentment with the pain in my body when actually all I was doing was settling for less than the best that God has for me. I can promise you, you’re probobally doing the same thing too…

When you choose not to settle there will be a process, a price. A price that no one really talks about. Yes praise God if you get immediate freedom from what’s dead in your life and the pain that you hold but most of us will go on a journey. A journey of hoping when all hope seems lost. Stay connected to the one who gives us everlasting hope. Get around good strong Godly people who will commit to praying with you and not gossipping about you. People who see you and love you where you are at but refuse to let you stay there. I promise their out there.

On this journey of choosing not to settle there will be lots of lay-bys where you can come off the road. Hear you will say God I haven’t got anything more. Nothing more to give. An he will say trust me a little further, walk a little farther. I’ll carry you when you get to tired. My faithful love will last forever

He’s on our side. He is always good. Always using all for our good.


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