Trust Is The Currency Of Heaven

Ever get that feeling when you finish one book and have no idea which book to start next? This morning I had that exact feeling. Yet today we are celebrating my cousin Joshua’s 6 month birthday…  So It only seemed fitting!

Trust is the currency of heaven,  overcoming always has a sign and humbleness is always a choice. Joshua 9 taught me this today. Joshua has just defeated Jericho he is in deep pain as Achan a man in his tribe has just betrayed the lord. But God tells Joshua “don’t be afraid or give up”. Some of you can simply stop reading there. All you need to hear is that Gods got you. That he really holds you. That he calls you brave even when you don’t want to be or feel like it.

The next stage in chapter nine is the destruction of Ali. “Then we will turn and run away from them”. I’m sure when Joshua said this to his armies they were like – what? We are going to defeat this stronghold by running? Sometime overcoming the biggest things in our lives doesn’t look like what we think it would look like. That’s because God’s the author – not us. So often we try to fit God into our plans. Into our ideals. Stop. Just stop. His ways are higher than we could ever imagine. (trust me I’m preaching to myself too.)

But one thing Joshua also shows us is that overcoming always has a sign. In the army of Joshua the sign was smoke. Smoke that the city had been taken, that it was theirs. What’s that sign to you? It could simply be not thinking those thoughts, doing that action or saying those words that you know need to be said. The giant in your life has a name. Call it out. Hand it to God. See yourself overcome through his victory.

The final thing that Joshua has shown me today is that obedience to God brings favour with man. “So Joshua” Is stated twice in this passage. Joshua immediately obeyed God even after being betrayed. He immediately obey God in the commandments he had been given, with the tools he had been given and with his authority he had been given. The men respected Joshua – this is shown as they listened whether they believed in Joshua’s God or not.

All the Israelites were gathered together – men, women and children – along with all the non – Israelites who lived among them. Joshua read every command Moses had given.
– Joshua 9 v 35

Joshua was a man who obeyed, who overcame pain and sorrow, who trusted God with all he had and who always went back to the point at which he got things right. He stayed grounded and was humble. He knew who his God was. We can learn so much from Joshua. A man who had big shoes to fill but led the Israelites to victory. Who made the right decision even in tough times.

All my love x


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