He Knew

Do you ever get nostalgic? Or is it just me because I’m a granny! No honestly, last sunday was our last sunday in the church building we have called home since before I even knew Jesus existed. The building that I shared my story in, the building I first was part of a nativity, the building were I prayed and Worshiped so hard for things that God pulled through in and for things that ended diffrent than I imagined but were wonderful and miracles just the same.

I wasn’t there. And part of me at the time was heartbroken. Heartbroken for a building. That building had became a home for me. Where comfortability had taken root and grew into a tree. But a small one. Where many leaves of my life had been given water to grow but where somehow – somwhere I had chosen the easy path. I had become so comfortable there. And the truth is it wasnt the building. It was me.  When talking about not being there my friend had said:

    “It’s just a building”

And in every way yes. Its just a building but the memories and truths that were discovered in that building will always be with me. The promises and prayers prayed will always stand strong – long after the foundations of that building are all that is left to be seen.

How many times in our lives to we make an idol out of things? Maybe today you have to turn around to a part of your life and say “It’s just a”. You see I had made an idol out of that building. I had created this thing in my brain that was so deeply rooted that I refused to dig it out. Chruch isn’t a building. Do you really believe it?

Admitting that, maybe in that moment the pain, trial or decision had overcame you – to admit that this thing is very real and that maybe you need more help than you care to admit. But not to let an idol rule your emotions and be yourr vision for the size and nature of God. To remeber that in Gods heart he cares so deeply about you, that his heart breaks for the pain that you are going through but if you hand it over to him you will soon find its just a small part of a huge story. To let things go is never easy and always a choice. The truth is maybe if you are holding onto something today it is simply because some part of you wants to. You see that building was a building. A regular building. But in my head I had called it and created it to be something so much bigger than it ever was, is or could be.

Know that nothing, nothing is impossible for the one who made the heaven and stars, who knows your heart – even more deeply still. God is fighting for you. He doesn’t give up on you. not ever. Recognise the season you are in and allow yourself enough grace to be there. Always remeber because he overcame you always can too. Smash those idols. You’re ready.


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