Bully’s Never Win

2 chronicles 11 v 1-8

Let me set the context… David is anointed king. Yet he’s still the under dog. David goes to take the land where the jebusites were. Jebus the bully… Testifies to David and says “you will not come in here”

Nevertheless David took the stronghold.

I love this line. Often in our lives we climb the mountain we get to the top and we camp there. We stop. We refuse to believe that the God who created everything has anything better for us.
That, that’s it. That’s all there ever was and ever will be for us.

That’s a lie.

Our God is never a God of less. He never says no you have enough favour. I’ll just go sit over here. Oh wait you already have provision. I’ll just leave this pot lying full. Yes of course you have enough peace. I’ll just take my comfort and give it to someone else.

How crazy does that sound? Our God is God. That means he doesn’t fall to human lows, doesn’t disappoint, and never stops giving.

Feeling in a rut where you are at is not what God has for you. Yes maybe for a season of refreshment he was call you to camp but that’s not where you are called to stay.

David didn’t only take the stronghold he lived in it. He ate there, slept there, camped there. He built a large city. “He became greater and greater, for the lord of hosts was with him”.

You can take the strongholds in your life. Because you have the lord of hosts inside of you. Not only that you can flourish in them. God often calls us back to the defeated strongholds not to cage us but to remind us of his mighty power. We need to be more authorities in the gifts that the father has given us. His words never fail. His promises always stand true. He is forever faithful. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Pray for a greater more accurate perception of him everyday.


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