Do you really trust him?

If we were sitting down to coffee I’d ask.. Do you really trust him? I ask myself the same question… do I? When was the last time I really put something into Gods hands? Like really just gave it to him and didn’t try to fix it, or make it work on my own? In my heart do I trust that his plans are good for me? Do you?

Last summer on results day I made a promise that I would refuse… refuse to let exams stress me out next year. Today I broke that promise. I got stressed I looked at the list of things i knew and decided it was not long enough compared to the list of things I needed to know.

Then I was reminded that If I trust that he will get me to exactly where I am supposed to be. It’s a funny statement. See I don’t put my hope In getting the grades or getting there in the conventional way – that would be incredible but if it doesn’t happen – I trust that my God will get me there no matter what. yet don’t get me wrong we still need to work at it.

Work is important I get that. I get stress. Trust me I’m the chief. But the more I think about the figures of faith in the Bible I see that trust, obedience and work go hand in had. That out of a place of knowing that you are first loved you can work freely and dedicatedly.

Noah had faith to believe God when he said build a boat in the desert. He had the dedication to work to build the boat. Ruth had the determination to stay with Naomi. She had the work ethic to live on what she earned and become part of the lineage of Jesus – in doing so. Abraham trusted that his frail body would get him to where God called him to be. He did the work. (Enough said)…

These are but few examples of how the men and woman of God in the Bible trusted God to get them where they were called to be. It is the living breathing truth that peace is an option when it comes to exams and your future too. I’m sure Noah didn’t think when he was a kid some day I will build a boat in the desert, or Ruth thought as a young girl I’m going to be part of the saviour of the world’s heritage, or that Nehemiah thought when I grow up I want to build a wall, or Daniel said when he was 5 you know what Gods called me to a lions den.

I am sure. Certain that not one of the incredible pillars of faith we read about – ever thought they would end up where they did. Did they ever think that they could do so much? achieve so much? Influence so much? That they ever thought that they would inspire generation after generation long after their great great great great great grand children were dead.

Trust and obey and he will pave the way. Trust that he knows what he is doing. Trust his is good. Trust in his peace. He is never changing. He is good. Always.


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