Stress Should Never Be An Option.


Sometimes it’s so easy in the midst of a trial to forget that there is freedom for you. Although maybe exams to you don’t count as a trial. (teach us your secrets) But hey they do for me. The big topic in these summer months is exams. It’s so easy to get bogged down, frustrated , worried and anxious – but you know what you don’t have to be like that during exam season. There is and always will be FREEDOM for you.

Precious one in the middle of this season the dry land will be quenched by flowing water. when you whisper I’m not enough: I’m not good enough, God whispers I am enough. when you feel down trodden and broken God says you are a lot stronger with me than you ever could think you are. You are precious. This is true.

But how do we practically choose freedom. How do we chose peace and a stress free exam time. When the pressures and stress sometimes feels like it’s the end of the world – with people handing out their one stop fixes like sherbet that’s just too sour. The message version of Psalm 45:3 says ‘fix your eyes on Jesus’. Those five words change everything… (big claim I know). Yet It’s simple really. Make sure you are putting in the time with God. Whatever that looks like. Choose to believe the words that the book says. Choose to believe that God speaks to you personally through it. Cause he is love, just believe it!

As an avid stresser this is something I’ve really tried to be wise in. I have tried to soak up and learn as much about this so I can go through my exams not – not doing any work but doing my work with a free head and a happy heart. Being able to study without freaking out and needing a six hour nap or a depression fix.

God did not call us to small. He did not call us to be overwhelmed, stressed and hurt. Just because everyone else is it doesn’t mean that is what he has for us. Believe it. Choose peace today. Work for comfort. Know there is an army behind you. You got this. Because he’s got you.


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