Hungary For More (1)


So I’m sure most of you know by now that this summer I was part of an Exodus team to Hungary. And judging by the title of this post you’ve probably realised I’m going to tell you a little bit about that experience (and that I love a good pun!)

Before heading away I was so excited and expectant to see how God was going to use me and how we would impact the people we encountered. However, although this trip was about helping others and encouraging them to live life to the full with Jesus, I was hungry to see more of Jesus in my own life also.

During the first part of our trip we spent some time at a camp called Freedom Springs. This part of the trip gave me the opportunity to spend lots of time alone with God and day by day my relationship with Him grew stronger. One night during worship I really felt a great hunger for more of God, I wanted Him to consume my whole heart. As the night progressed I then felt God speaking to me, asking me to give Him every piece of my heart, that nothing was too great or too small for Him. I realised He too had a hunger for more of me. This still baffles me, that the creator of the universe cares about EVERY part of my life and He wants to be a part of it.

God calls us to be vulnerable, to not hold anything back from Him in Proverbs 23:26 where it says “My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways.” For so long I took this call with a pinch of salt, I accepted God was Lord and sovereign of my life, but I didn’t apply it. Yes, I gave Him parts of me, but there was still aspects of my life that I tried to be in control of. But that just doesn’t work God wants all of us and He will do a much better job than we could ever do on our own.

I challenge you to reflect on the parts of your life that you are trying to be Lord of, and when God highlights these things give them to Him. Let Him consume your soul.


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