It was cold. I was on top of a fort in Ireland underneath the stars – and a revelation flew past my head. One of those things you don’t really get untill you catch it and think about it much later.

God whispered in my ear  “I have made everything beautiful you know even if man doesn’t see it”


I want to track value with you. Especially our value. That means yours too. For this I need to take you back. Way back. To the beginning. 

In  the beginning “man was created in his own image. In the image of God he created them” (Gen 1v27). It was Gods desire that we would be in perfect connection with him and indeed with each other. It was his plan that we would know his truths and fully trust in him and indeed ourselvesves.

You see value is a lot less about how valuable you are in others eyes and more about how valuable you are in the eyes that created you. Value is deeper than putting a photo on Instagram and not counting the likes. It’s deeper than feeling ‘hot’ in that one dress that squeezes you in all the right places. It’s more deeply rooted in you than the darkest secret you think about yourself. 

Valuable is something you are not something you obtain. 

Loneliness, pain, hurt, bad grades, a breakup, feeling isolated, angry, and done with life are all things that can affect our feeling of value. But get this your feeling of value. Not the value you have.

For we have a father who is”true and teaches the way of God truthfully, and who does not care about anyone’s opinion, for he is not swayed by appearances” (Matt 22:16)

You can dye your hair any colour, you can spend waaay to much on those new shoes you can even work really hard and get to the highest position in the greatest career but in Gods eyes that adds no value to you. You are valuable because of who you belong to. 

If tomorrow I bought a piece of paper and signed it and placed it on eBay for the world to buy it would be deemed worthless. If Taylor swift did the same thing it would be worth so much. Not because of what it is (a piece of paper with a pen scribble) but because of who it belonged to. You are precious because of who you belong to. Not what you are. 

Feeling valued is greater than likes on a picture. I really want us to get this. People cannot dictate your value. Once you get this you realise; We are called to be restored and restorers of people’s value through christ. Restoration is calling out the beauty that has since been forgotten. Restoration is what we are called to do. Restoration is why Jesus was sent – so that we could be restored to right relationship with God through Christ. We are called to restore what’s already been placed on people and to call out the gold from within them. 

Know dear one you are valued beyond belief. That you are precious and that nothing – no sin, shame, loss ,loliness or pain could ever change that. No good grade makes you more important than anyone else. Let yourself off the hook today. Know who you are because of who he is. Let God restore your view of himself and of you today. Know you are precious.  


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