Hungary For More (2)

When I applied to do an Exodus team, I was looking towards those 2 weeks in July. I was hungry to serve God in Hungary and I was expectant of the opportunities He was going to provide for our team. These are all good things, but there was one flaw in my thinking, I was limiting my idea of when I could truly serve God to 2 weeks in the summer.

However my thinking was soon changed, as I began meeting with the rest of Team 40 my eyes were opened to serving Jesus in the everyday. I mean I knew that God was always with me, but I really felt convicted about my commitment to Him. Yes, in Hungary I was willing to give my all to serving Him and my heart really wanted more people to know Jesus, but was this something I carried into my everyday?

I knew I had a hunger to serve, to lead, to glorify God in all I do, but something was stopping me fully fulfilling this. As I already said, we were exploring Ephesians during our second week and in chapter 5 we are called to “Live as children of the Light.” As we discovered what this meant we realised that to be children of the light we can’t live by the bare minimum. This really struck a chord with me. I realised that I was being limited by my comfort zone.

During my time in Hungary I found myself being really pushed out of my comfort  zone and yea it was scary but you know what, it was worth it. One thing I really discovered was that God is with you and strengthens you in those times that feel a little scarier, that are outside your comfort zone. In fact, before speaking in front of a little church in the village we were working with I was directed towards a verse which gave me the reassurance I needed. It was Luke 12:32 and it says;

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”

This verse reminded me of the amazing opportunity I have to serve God and let His name be known. I knew that to fully satisfy that hunger to serve God to the best of my ability I needed to sacrifice my comfort for His glory. This isnt easy and it’s something I need to continue to remind myself of. But one thing I hold on to is that great things happen  when we faithfully obey God and take that step out of our comfort zone. And best of all He is with us always, strengthening us through His spirit.13649477_1166532873398265_520529044_n


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