Crushing Mountains


For the hand of the Lord will rest on this mountain – Isaiah 25 v 10


The truth is you probobally face a whole lot more mountains than you even realise.But likewise the truth is you probobally underestimate the power of God. Sometimes mountains look scary. Sometime you may feel your running dry. But with each step you conquer further than you ever did before. You are connected to a joy that is your strength, a fountain of hope a God who supplies your every need. 

The hand of the lord rests on every mountain in your life. He doesn’t just let you choose to walk up it but he walks up it with you – just like he walked it alone before you. He doesn’t just petition and help you but he rests his hand on the mountain to show he has conquered it now and forever. 
Keep moving forward. Whatever you do. Know in your heart that God see’s you. Don’t just know it in your head. Keep conquering that mountain. His hand is tested because he knows it is already overcome. Have that confidence today. Climb the mountain , you have walked around it for long enough. 


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