Trust His Sovereignty


Do you ever just have those questions? Those big, so called “unanswered” questions. I ask myself them all the time, I ask God them, I even get asked them from time to time. And to be perfectly honest I don’t have all the answers. Sometimes I wish I did, but in these times I have to remember to have faith and trust my heavenly father.

Recently I’ve been reading Exodus and really exploring how God called and used Moses. Moses didn’t have it all together, in fact when God spoke to Moses at the burning bush He was a murderer with a lot of excuses. But the fantastic thing is God covered Moses’ feelings of inadequacy and reminds Him that He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. This continues to amaze me! So many times I’ve had that little nudge from the Holy Spirit telling me to do something and I’ve talked myself out of it saying I’m not good enough. But God says “Trust me! I will provide you with what you need.”

So finally God frees Moses from the chains of inadequacy and Moses begins His mission to free the Israelites. But God hardens Pharaoh’s heart to them. This is something I really battled with; why did God do that? I still don’t understand. But then on top of that the Israelites rebuke Moses and Aaron. At this stage Moses is just like “God what is going on?” And I think we all have felt like that at times, we can’t fully comprehend why something has happened and it’s frustrating. But as I read God’s reply to Moses something began to make sense. God says;

“I am the Lord”

I think the term Lord is something we can so easily dismiss as just another title for God, but it reveals so much about His character to us. A Lord is someone in authority and in this case a sovereign. So when God speaks those words to Moses it speaks measures. You know all those big questions we have, they can all be answered with three words “He is Lord” God is sovereign over us, He knows so much more than we could even imagine so who are we to question Him and His motives. However not only is He Lord, He is also love everything He does is out of love for us.

So yes it’s hard at times to understand why things happen, but know that God is good and He loves you immeasurably more than we could ever comprehend. Therefore why wouldn’t we trust Him?


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